Detailed Inspection's New Truck

January 31st 2018

Detailed Inspection

When you're a Certified Home Inspector completing numerous home inspections in a city as spread out as Kamloops, it's good to have transportation that's reliable. For Tracy and the team at Detailed Inspections, a great addition to the team has been her new truck that works great and looks great in helping perform Home Inspections and provide First Nations Technical services.

Thanks to Signature Sings & Printing for the new decals.

Many people in this region have homes up the sides of valleys, deep in the backcountry, near rivers, and in other locations that can be hard to access in certain weather and at certain times of year.

Watch out for the Detailed Inspections truck in your neighbourhood.

If you have any questions, are interested in learning how to do inspections, or would like to have your pre-purchase or pre-listing house inspected, contact Tracy using the contact form to the right or by phone or email!