Fall Home Maintenance Tips from a Kamloops Home Inspector

September 5th 2017

Fall Home Maintenance Tips from a Kamloops Home Inspector,
In Kamloops and the Thompson Okanagan area, Detailed Inspections is your source for home inspections. Tracy is a Certified Home Inspector with ASTTBC and Associate Level 1 member with BOABC.

With these certifications and her experience, she has learned how to extend the useful service life of your home.

Here are some tips for maintaining and repairing your home and preparing it for the cool of autumn and the cold of winter. Fall is a great time to do a quick check of your house and simple maintenance. The items below should be done in fall before temperature drops below freezing.


  • Remove hoses from exterior hose bibs
  • Drain and hang hoses for winter
  • Turn off shut off valves to exterior hose bibs (if you don’t have ‘frost free’ exterior hose bibs)
  • Check weather stripping around exterior doors and windows
  • Seal any visible cracks on exterior


  • Seal your gutters
  • Tighten gutter hangers where sagging
  • Tighten downspout brackets
  • Seal gutters where necessary
  • Add 4’ downspout extensions to direct water away from foundations if necessary

Service Your Furnace/Gas fired appliances

  • Have qualified specialist service your gas-fired furnace, fireplace
  • Replace filters

Check Your Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors

  • Test your smoke detectors/batteries may need to be replaced if not hard wired
  • Are there sufficient CO detectors/what is expiry date?

Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

  • Inspect inside the fireplace or stove
  • Is the damper functional?
  • Firebox cracked or missing bricks & mortar?
  • Clean your flue/sweep out creosote
  • Check the cap

Preventative maintenance extends the useful service life of most building components. Fall is a great time to do a quick check and any necessary minor repairs.

For more tips and to get answers to your questions, give Tracy a call in Kamloops at 250-574-3449 or fill out the form on the right. Detailed Inspections would be happy to hear from you!