Pre-Inspection Helps You Safely Sell or Buy a Home Amid COVID-19

October 14th 2020

Based in Kamloops, BC, Detailed Inspection’s Tracy Smith is a Certified Technician - Building Technology and Certified House Inspector with ASTTBC.  She is also licensed with Consumer Protection BC. 


At Detailed Inspections, we provide both Residential Pre-Purchase Inspections for buyers, Pre-Listing Inspections for sellers and Commercial Property Inspections. 


During the time of COVID-19, there are certainly challenges associated with buying or selling a property — especially when it comes to establishing safety measures and ensuring that high-traffic areas are clean — which means having a property inspection done by a professional couldn’t be more appropriate.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, WorkSafe BC and the Real Estate Association of BC has put together home inspection protocols for everyone’s safety as we navigate our new normal. For example, we as Property Inspectors wear personal protection equipment at all times.  A facemask, gloves and shoe covers. We ask our clients to also wear a facemask and use hand sanitizer upon entering a home.  We have a plastic bag to collect wipes, gloves and other disposable items that are used during the inspection.


Residential and Commercial Pre-Purchase Inspections are a crucial component of the buying and selling process. These generally happen after there is an offer or a formal contract of purchase on the property.  A seller might consider having a Pre-Inspection done before putting the property up for sale, while a buyer usually has a Pre-Purchase Inspection as a condition or subject to be removed in their contract.


Buyers and sellers both benefit from property inspection, even during the time of COVID-19.  For buyers, a Pre-Purchase Inspection helps relieve anxiety by taking a close look at the property including a walk-through with an inspector.   For the sellers, a Pre-Listing Inspection can alleviate any anxiety as to what an inspector is looking for and make the sale process smoother.


Additionally, Pre-Purchase Inspections will alert the sellers to any issues that can be fixed before the home is listed, whereas from a buyer’s perspective it can help them discover issues that they would like addressed before making an offer.


At Detailed Inspections, we provide a thorough visual inspection and consider how the components of the homework together as a system.  This includes the electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, venting, the attic, roof, visible insulation, the home’s structure and foundation. After the inspection, we provide a 1-hour walk-through to ‘show you what we see’.  Then a written report and copies of all photos are sent to you by email.  Our clients feel that this process is not rushed and addresses any issues and questions that they have.


Our home inspections take roughly three hours to complete.  While Covid-19 and staying safe is a challenge, the procedures established by WorkSafe BC and Real Estate Council of BC have provided a good solution.


To learn more about our Kamloops Residential and Commercial Inspections, contact us today.