What to Expect from a Home Inspection with Detailed Inspections

January 6th 2020

The process of buying a new home – or selling your old one – is incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve-racking. From navigating mortgage options and coping with disappointment in the house-hunt to facing unexpected hurdles such as property liens, buyers can often be wary when they finally find their dream home and are faced with the decision to invest in a home inspection. However, certified home inspectors like Kamloops, BC-based Detailed Inspections, provide security in what is likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make.

Why Get a Home Inspection?

Certified home inspections offer peace of mind for this huge investment as you can make your house offer conditional on the outcome of the home inspection. If the certified home inspector uncovers major problems, you can negotiate repairs with the seller before closing the deal or, you may opt to legally withdraw your offer. Essentially, home inspection allows for a pause in the purchase of a home, giving buyer and seller alike time to ensure quality and condition of both the house and the offer.

Kamloops’ Detailed Inspections leaves no stone unturned in this process, going above and beyond by thoroughly inspecting all areas of the home including electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, venting/attic, roof, visible insulation, structure and foundation. Tracy Smith of Detailed Inspections – a Certified Technician/Building Engineer and Certified Home Inspector in BC and Kamloops and District Real Estate Association (KADREA) member – ensures your report will not be overly technical allowing you to properly glean the results. You will also be provided a copy of all photos taken and a thorough walk-through of the home at which point all issues will be identified and explained and questions taken.

How to Prep and What to Expect from a Home Inspection

Before taking the first step of contacting Detailed Inspections by phone or email to arrange your certified home inspection, it is a good idea to know what information you will need to provide and what to expect from a home inspection.

In order to arrange an inspection, the certified home inspector will need to know:

• When the subjects are set to be removed from your offer; this is required to determine the inspection date.
• The property address and the name of the Realtor you are working with; as a member of KADREA, Tracy has access to lock box codes as realtors do. Tracy will contact your Realtor to arrange access to the property on the specified date.

Home Inspection Day:

• Detailed Inspections will begin the inspection at 9:30 am.
• At 11:30 am, you (the home buyer or seller) will meet the Inspector for a one-hour walk-through of the property.
• You, the home buyer or seller, will have the opportunity to discuss what the Inspector has observed. If there is nothing of note, the Inspector will discuss ongoing maintenance and general improvements.
• Detailed Inspections will provide you with a 'Quick Reference Sheet' to provide your insurance company, if you require an insurance quote.
• Shortly later on the same day, or early the next morning, you will receive a written report with approximately 30 relevant photos. A copy of all other digital photos will also be sent to you. Questions are welcome at any time before, during or after the inspection.
• You can make payment – cash, e-transfer or credit card – after the walk through, before the report is sent. You will receive a receipt with your report.

Your Detailed Inspections home inspection report provides you with information and evidence to present to your realtor. From there you can work together to identify solutions, from simple fixes to price adjustment.

All homes, even new ones, have problems. And while every problem has a solution, you must be able to identify it in order to correct it. Contact Kamloops Home Inspector Tracy Smith today to get a thorough, objective, independent and expert opinion of the home you intend to buy or sell; inform yourself of potential problems.