Your Home Inspection Report - Now What?

April 20th 2016

Your Home Inspection Report - Now What?,

Detailed Inspections provides residential and commercial building and home inspections in Kamloops and the surrounding area. Here's Tracy's tips on what to do with your written home inspection report:

Review the written inspection report and consider the items you think the seller should address. Then present them to your realtor.

Keep in mind all homes have problems. New construction can have more issues than a home that is 30 years old! They just have not been discovered yet. Every problem has a solution. Solutions may vary from a simple fix of the component to adjusting the purchase price.

A good inspector will discover a problem and depending on the issue, may recommend further inspection by a ‘qualified individual’. This means a specialist in a certain field: electrician, plumber, or may include contacting a qualified contractor for a quote for repairs.

A home inspection report is not meant to be a tool for re-negotiation, but sometimes it becomes one. Don’t leave your home inspection until the last minute! Any further investigation or receiving a quote by a qualified person must usually be done before the subjects come off on your real estate contract.

Also, don't let your brother or uncle or a friend do the inspection. You are not saving any money by letting a friend look. Even if he is a contractor, it does not mean that he is a good inspector. You need a qualified, unbiased inspection, so if a problem is discovered it will not be easily minimized by the other parties because your uncle or friend did the inspection.