Mauricio and Kyla Quintana

September 13th 2019

Mauricio and Kyla Quintana,

Tracy Smith, the certified home inspector at Detailed Inspections, has become an expert at home inspections in Kamloops. She provides this service throughout the city to clients who are selling or buying a home. Whether it’s their first time at either or they’re experienced, Tracy has the expertise and knowledge they need to make the best decision with their investment. The Kamloops area has some diverse neighbourhoods, geographically. Some are in the floodplains while others are on or above hillsides. Wherever and whenever a building was built, you can trust the Detailed Inspections team to provide the best service available.

Recently, the team inspected a home on the Kamloops North Shore. This area of the city was recently named as one of the top places in Canada to invest in real estate, according to the magazine Canadian Real Estate Wealth, so it’s always a pleasure to check out the houses there. There are some unique common issues to watch for in North Shore homes, and Tracy knows about them! Having been an inspector for many years, she has thoroughly reviewed many homes like this one. Check out what Tracy’s clients Mauricio and Kyla had to say:

“Thank you Tracy. I appreciate your honesty, professionalism and willingness to share your knowledge during our inspection.”

Tracy and our team are grateful for these kind words and are glad we could help!

Mauricio and Kyla received an incredibly detailed inspection report that laid out everything seen. With pictures, explanations in a story format (not technical jargon),and customized tips on how to maintain the building in the Kamloops climate, this report is a document to hold onto and use as a reference for years to come.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home on the North Shore or anywhere else in Kamloops, get your inspection booked as soon as you can with Detailed Inspection! It’s a pause in the hectic purchasing or selling process that lets you find out the smaller details you need to know before you make your decision. While you’re here, you should also check out the other inspection services we offer!