Samantha Tiessen

November 23rd 2016

Samantha Tiessen,

Detailed Inspections provides extremely efficient, friendly and informative pre-purchase home inspections near Kamloops, BC. When it comes to buying a new house for your family, you need to make sure that your new property won't be a hazard to your health or wallet! Tracy and her team are more than happy to ensure you that your investment will be safe and liveable for years to come. Samantha Tiessen and her family just bought a new house in Kamloops, and here's what she had to say about her home inspection:

"I would like to recommend Tracy Smith as your Home Inspector.

Tracy will inspect your home for you inside and out. I found her to be incredibly thorough and very attentive to every detail in your home. Her wonderful personality and competent behavior gives you instant relief knowing she will know if something is wrong with your home.
She is extremely knowledgeable about everything. My son and I learned a lot from her and what to look for in a home. I found all the technology gadgets she has for testing amazing.

Tracy’s reports were top notch. Tracy explained every deficiency in detail and recommended steps to take to fix any issues.

She took a lot of pictures and took the time to explain problems or potential problems and why they happened during our thorough walk through of the home. I found her fees to be extremely reasonable.

I truly recommend Tracy Smith to be your home inspector." - Samantha Tiessen