Commercial Building Inspections

Certified Technician - Building Sciences

Commercial Building

As a Certified Technician - Building Sciences (CTech) we are qualified to do commercial building inspections up to:

  • 8 single level commercial units
  • store front retail strip mall units
  • multi-unit buildings with 3 businesses on bottom and 3 residential units on top
  • multi-unit house conversions or apartment complex/buildings

Each commercial inspection provides a 2 hour “walk-through” with client plus written report and all photos.

A CTech designation with ASTTBC means scientific technical scope, further than construction only background; this is especially relevant when doing commercial inspections.

Commercial Inspections will require a detailed evaluation of building systems. This may give negotiating leverage to either party, depending on the inspector’s findings. You will have an opportunity to review the inspection report and consider the items you think the seller should address, then present them to your commercial broker or realtor. 

Commercial brokers and realtors work hard with both buyers and sellers to come to a fair sales agreement.

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